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Clear Vision Solutions (CVS) a Limited Company is an established industrial engineering services supply company which commenced business in 2005. We work in a partnership approach with leading companies here in Ireland and Internationally across a wide spectrum of industries including, the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Marine, Public Sector and Manufacturing industries.

Thermal Imaging

Technology using infrared (thermal) image capture of any object for the purposes of measuring the heat radiated from the surface of that object.

Ultra Sonic Testing

An NDT technique that uses high frequency sound waves to detect faults in pressurised air & gas systems, vacuum leaks, electrical arching, steam traps and valve seats.

PAT Testing

Electrical Health & Safety test conducted on equipment that may be supplied via a 110v/220v/380v plugs ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Oil Analysis

Laboratory analysis of a lubricant’s properties, suspended contaminants and wear debris performed during predictive maintenance for accurate information on lubricant and machine condition.

Periodic Fixed Wire Testing

Electrical Health & Safety test conducted on electrical installations ensuring employer’s compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Vibration Analysis

Analysis of data to monitor the characteristic changes in rotating machinery caused by imbalance, misalignment and other mechanical or alignment faults.

Project Management

Application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives.

Laser Alignment

Aligning of two or more shafts with each other to within a tolerated margin. This is an absolute requirement for machinery before the machinery is put in service.

About CVS

Clear Vision Solutions (CVS) is an established industrial engineering services supply company which commenced business in 2005. We have developed through solving problems for our customers. Growing from a Project Management and Testing & Inspection company into the total industrial solutions provider we are today. Our customers in Ireland and the UK benefit from the experience investment we provide by our ethos of building long standing relationships by exceeding expectations. Problem solving while increasing reliability through our expertise in providing an extensive service package. We have over 100 years of combined industrial experience delivering complete solutions through our team of industrial professionals.

Our Mission statement at Clear Vision Solutions is “Be a company that is open and clear in its business dealings which put’s the needs of its customers as a priority so that their problems can be matched with the right solutions, build relationships”.

At Clear Vision Solutions our core vision is simple, “To create an everyday reliable and operationally efficient work environment for our clients”. Our business supports this vision by providing an expert straight forward and clear package to industrial clients in an honest, fair and cost effective manner.

Our goals here at Clear Vision Solutions have been in place since the beginning and stay as relevant today as they were at our beginning.

  • To understand and fully comprehend every problem in detail before devising final solutions.
  • To question the norms and exceed expectations.
  • To build business relationships.
  • Grow as a company through experience.


Previous Customers

Johnson & Johnson, Kepak Group, Irish Ferries, Largo Foods, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Allergan, Dalkia, GEA, Tesco, Ranbaxy, Pfizer

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Standard Equipment

Clear Vision Solutions use leading NDT tools for delivering our services. Our equipment is fully calibrated and serviced regularly.

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Previous Projects