Laser alignment is the precision approach for ensuring true alignment and positioning for industrial plant machinery and industrial structures.

Where engineers may have traditionally used straight edges, plumb-lines, dial indictors and line of sight to ensure alignment of two or more machines or structures, Laser Alignment equipment utilises laser beam transmitters and receivers to measure alignment within extremely high tolerances. Monition is a specialist laser alignment and engineering services company providing a range of plant alignment services.


Industrial Applications for Laser Alignment

  • Alignment of rotating shafts
  • Alignment of pumps, gearboxes, motors and other drives
  • Alignment of printing presses
  • Alignment of cardan shafts and offset drives
  • Alignment of drive belts and pulleys
  • Machine positioning
  • Measurement of straightness and flatness of machine tables, rollers and machine guides


Laser Alignment – a Critical Maintenance Measure

Ensuring that rotating machinery is correctly aligned is a critical preventative maintenance measure. Machines that are misaligned, even by very fine amounts, will be subject to increased stresses that lead to breakdowns. Misalignment is one of the biggest causes of bearing failure in mechanical items, and will also contribute to increased wear of mechanical seals, couplings (including flexi-coupling) and motors.

The benefits of Laser Alignment includs

  • reduced vibration
  • extended bearing and seal life
  • less unscheduled downtime
  • less power consumption
  • improved operating efficiency
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